At Flying America we take good care of our customers. That is why we are here to serve you 24 hours a day, so that you will never arrive late to your destination, be it an important business meeting, your well deserved vacations, or an urgent freight transportation. From the moment you call, Flying America using all of our expertise, coordinates all the necessary details on grund and on air, so that you will not have to worry. Our agents will be waiting for you at your destination to assist you in every detail, including, for international flights, customs and migrations procedures, so that you will only have to continue enjoying your trip at all times. Always with our main directive, your safety, as our mail goal.


Our professional team is always at your disposal, providing you with all of our attention, experience and capacity for the planning and attention of charter flights for both, small or large groups, counting on our exclusive catering service and flight attendants for the personalized attention that you deserve.

Executives Flights

You arrange the schedules at your best convenience, and we guarantee the best and fastest operation in the boarding and unloading procedures, always having our aircrafts at your disposal during your business or pleasure trip.

Sanitary flights

When the health of your loved ones is involve, is when you most need of professionals that will coordinate their transportation so that you can fully devote to your loved ones. Our airplanes are fully equipped with high complexity instrumentation for the transportation and caring of both adult and child patients.
We count with a team of doctors highly specialized in air transport. All the team properly trained and authorized by the pertaining organisms.
They will take care of the patient wherever they might be, through the flight and until the final destination for treatment, where they will be taken swiftly in our ambulances. At Flying America your loved one is at the hands of highly qualified professionals and that nothing is left at random.

Air freight

We serve any destination within Argentina or abroad, at the moment that you need it, same if it is a single freight or scheduled repeated loads.
Our airplanes have a much larger loading door than most planes in the same category, allowing for the transportation of cargo of large dimensions.
The security levels with which Flying America operates has allowed us to obtain the Permit for the Transport of Dangerous Merchandise, which speaks by itself of our high standards for the transportation of your important cargo.